Diablo Plug in Loop Detector LiftMaster Compatible | DIA-DSP-19

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Diablo Plug in Loop Detector LiftMaster Compatible | DIA-DSP-19

A plug in loop detector which is LiftMaster compatible, this industrial-grade detector uses patented technology to detect metal objects passing through its loop. Compatible with LiftMaster, this plug and play device increases automation and safety, making it easier to control vehicle access points. Thanks to its robust, durable design, it can withstand even the toughest conditions.

The DSP-19 is specifically designed to be installed into a LiftMaster® model CSW24 operator or other models that use the same plug-in loop detector. The very low current draw and low voltage range is ideal for solar applications.

The DSP-19 can be connected to a standard inductive loop or one of Diablo Controls mini-loops. The Diablo Controls mini-loop is a small “pipe shaped” device approximately 4-1/2” by 1” and is designed to be buried in the ground to detect vehicles. If the mini-loop feature is turned on, the detector cannot be used as a safety detector as there is no presence detection in this mode of operation. Contact Diablo Controls for more information on the mini-loop.

The DSP-19 can be used as either a safety loop or free exit loop detector. It also has the flexibility to be either “fail-safe” or “fail-secure.”

The DSP-19 has a single solid-state open-drain FET output capable of sinking more than 250 milliamps.

The DSP-19 has 10 selectable sensitivity settings and uses a 6-position DIP switch to configure the detector. This includes the Diablo Controls mini-loop selection as well as sensitivity boost, extended presence and fail-safe/fail-secure operation. This makes the DSP-19 very flexible and versatile for those installations that need a little more than a standard detector.

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