D&D Technologies SureClose 108SF AT90 S Flush Mount Safety Hinge/Closer Aluminum Screw-On | DND-75108223M

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D&D Technologies SureClose 108SF AT90 S Flush Mount Safety Hinge/Closer Aluminum Screw-On | DND-75108223M

Safety Hinge Closer with Final Snap Action

Hydraulic SureClose® Gate Closers & Hinges are designed to replace conventional, bulky commercial gate hinges and closers. These strong and sturdy hinge-closers provide smooth, bind-free performance. Superb engineering and patented design allow clever concealment of the hydraulics in a remarkably small housing. There is no compromise of quality with these small-footprint SureClose® gate closers and hinges.

SureClose 108 and 57 models are concealed hydraulic gate closers. The models feature Final Snap-Close Action (FSA) which increases speed at the end of closing to overcome electric or coded locks. Both ‘Closing Speed’ and ‘Final Snap’ are adjustable using the supplied adjustment tool. Designed to never leak hydraulic fluid, the SureClose 108 or 57 are extremely safe and do not offer resistance if closed quickly in an emergency. Soft, quiet closure also protects the latching/locking system. SureClose 108SF and 57SF models are suitable for pool and safety gates. SF models open to and self-close from 90 degrees;* NO hold-open feature.

All SureClose hinges and closers come packaged with the gate mounting bracket included. Post-mounting brackets sold separately. Aluminum gate mounting brackets: Pre-drill using 5mm drill bit and use #14 countersunk through-bolts or fasteners. See post brackets for their fastener requirements.


  • When installing this hinge to a swimming pool gate always confirm any safety requirements with your local Council or authorities to ensure compliance. 
  • A gate stop must be installed when using SF models. The gate must not be allowed to open past 90˚. Doing so voids the warranty.
  • Hinges must be at least 36" (900mm) apart so they cannot be used as footholds by toddlers.
  • Flush Mounted, Hydraulic, Gate Hinge-Closers
  • Self-Closing from 90º – will not hold open
  • Maintenance free
  • Self-Closes gates up to 120kg (265 lbs) – See Chart
  • Multiple adjustment options
  • Prevents gate slam noise & gate damage
  • 50 Micron hard anodising (Aluminium Components)
  • High corrosion resistance
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Brand: SureClose®
  • Product Code: 75108213M- 75108214M- 75108223M- 75108224M
  • Gate Application: Pool Gate, Child Safety Gate, Front Gate, Side Gate, Pedestrian Gate, Driveway Gate - Double, Driveway Gate - Single, Pet Gate, Playground Gate, Public/Commercial Gate, Security Gate, Privacy Gate, Safety Gate
  • Gate Type: Self-Closing
  • Gate Material: Aluminium, Steel/Ornamental Iron
  • Self-Closing Gate Weight Up: to 120kg (260lbs)
  • Self-Closing From: 88°
  • Max Open Swing: 88°
  • Approx Gate Size: 1.2m W x 1.8m H (4ft x 6ft)
  • Gate Frame/Post Shape: Square-to-Square
  • Min Post Size: 55mm+ (2¼")
  • Ideal Gate Gap: 13mm (½")
  • Fixing Method: Screw-On
  • Color/Finish: Black Anodised
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