BFT 3 - CP Nylon Coated Steel Rack (3'3" Sections) | BFT-3XD221073


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BFT 3 - CP Nylon Coated Steel Rack (3'3" Sections) | BFT-3XD221073

The BFT 3-CP Nylon Coated Steel Rack (3'3" Sections) 3XD221073 is a specific component used in gate operator systems. Steel racks, especially those coated with nylon, are used in gate automation to facilitate the smooth and precise movement of the gate, particularly when paired with a gate operator or motor.

  • Rack for Gate Operation: This steel rack, coated with nylon, is used to engage with the gear mechanism of a gate operator. As the gate operator's gear turns, it moves the rack, which in turn moves the gate, allowing for smooth and controlled gate movement.
  • Nylon Coating: The nylon coating on the steel rack provides several benefits, including reducing noise during operation, protecting the teeth of the rack from wear, and ensuring a longer lifespan for the rack.
  • Sectional Design: The mention of "3'3" Sections" suggests that the rack comes in sections, which can be combined to create the desired length for your gate. This modular design allows for flexibility in installation.
  • Installation: Installing a steel rack typically involves securely attaching it to the gate and aligning it with the gate operator's gear. Proper installation is essential for the gate to operate smoothly.
  • Quality and Durability: BFT is known for producing quality components for gate operators, and the nylon-coated steel rack is expected to meet durability and performance standards.

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