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BEA Bollards without Hole

Mounting Post for Push Plates

BEA’s Bollard Family is designed for mounting push plates, that activate automatic doors, in locations where a mounting surface is not available. This enhances accessibility for those with limited mobility or disabilities.

Bollards are compatible with a variety of push plate shapes and sizes, as well as wireless transmitters.

"Without hole” versions will accommodate 6” square and 6” round Panther plates as well as surface-mount card readers, keypads, or other surface-mount devices.

  • Enhances accessibility - Compatible with most push plate shapes and sizes, bollards provide a mounting surface for ADA-compliant actuators.
  • Wireless compatibility - Plastic cap allows for transmission from wireless transmitters, which reduces installation time by eliminating the need to run wires from the push plate.
  • Versatile Mounting - Can be mounted either on existing concrete or in newly poured concrete.
  • Variety Of Styles Available - Available in silver, bronze and black.
  • Material
    • Post: Powder-coated, carbon steel (exterior + partial interior)
    • Cap: UV-resistant ABS plastic
    • Bracket: Stainless steel
  • Hardware
    • Post: 1/2” × 13 UNC × 1” socket-head bolts (4) – 5 ⁄16” hex
    • Cap: #6 × 3/4” sheet metal screws (3) and #6 finishing washers (3)
    • Bracket: 3” expansion anchors (4), lock washers (4), and nuts (4)
  • Push Plate Compatibility: 4 1/2” square, 4 3/4” square (including Panther) Dual-vestibule, 4 1/2” round
  • Color: Black, Bronze, or Silver
  • Dimensions (with cap): 41 1/2” (H) × 6 1/4” (W) × 4 1/4” (D)
  • Weight: 35 lb
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