BD Loops Loop Shield Saw-Cut Sealant Case (12 Tubes)


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BD Loops Loop Shield Saw-Cut Sealant Case (12 Tubes)

BD Loops Shield is a tough, long-lasting, flexible one-part moisture-curing self-leveling hybrid sealant. BD-LS protects and shields inductance loop wire in concrete, asphalt, and other substrates.

BD Loop Shield is 100% solids and will not “shrink” or “dip” after application, providing an even/flat finished loop and seal. BD-LS can be applied to damp or dry surfaces and provides a superior seal while still allowing movement and elongation should the joint contract or expand.

  • VOC Compliant
  • Fast Skin & Cure time
  • Use in All Climates
  • Apply to Wet / Damp Substrates
  • Tolerates Water Before Curing
  • 100% Solids will not Shrink
  • Resisting Yellowing
  • Proposition 65 Compliant
  • Paintable
  • Excellent UV Resistance
  • Wide Adhesion Range
  • Long-Term Durability
  • Made in USA
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