BD Loops 2 Part Loop Goop (Dark Gray Only) | BDL-BD-LG2


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BD Loops 2 Part Loop Goop (Dark Gray Only) | BDL-BD-LG2

BD-LG2 is a two-component polyurethane, detector loop sealant. It is designed for use in both asphalt and concrete pavement to provide a weather and chemical-resistant waterproof seal. BD-LG2 effectively seals out moisture and provides a tough and durable seal. Permits vehicular traffic immediately after application with no need for lane closure.

BD-LG2 is designed for sealing loops in cold or freezing temperatures. BD-LG2 Detector Loop Sealant exhibits Exceptional chemical resistance to de-icing salts (including 50% by weight potassium acetate), gasoline, hydraulic brake fluid, and motor oil. BD-LG2 requires no clean-up since the mixing tips are disposable.

BD-LG2 has no reaction with the asphalt and concrete and therefore will not deteriorate them. It exhibits no "bubbling" or "mushrooming". BD-LG2 will not expand or flow above the joint.

BD-LG2 is a 100% solids system, that contains no solvents and is zero V.O.C.

Note: To get the most out of your tube of Loop Goop use a 3/16" wide saw blade, and BD Loops 3/16" Preformed Saw-Cut Loops. BD-LG2 requires a dual cartridge
dispensing gun that can handle 600ml (300ml:300ml) cartridges.


BD-LG2 is primarily used as a fast cure and protective seal for inductance loops. It may be used as a sealant for saw cuts in concrete and asphalt surfaces.

  • Temperature / Gel Time
    • 23°F (-5°C) / 120 min
    • 41°F (5°C) / 45 min
    • 59°F (15°C) / 15 min
    • Greater than 59°F (15°C) / Less than 15 min
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