AWID MR-1824, Gray, HiLo - 2 units, Metal Compensated, Medium Range Reader, 18"-24" | AWI-MR-1824HiLoMC-G-MP


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AWID MR-1824, Gray, HiLo - 2 units, Metal Compensated, Medium-Range Reader, 18-24 in. | AWI-MR-1824HiLoMC-G-MP

The MR-1824HiLo set is a pair of standard MR-1824 readers that are specially programmed by AWID as identical “HiLo” units. Using the RS-232 interface wires, the RF output of the units is coordinated so that only one of the units is active at any point in time. This alternation occurs about 3 times per second. Either one unit or the other unit is functional at any time, but never both at the same time. Therefore there is no interference between the two readers, even when they are close together.

  • The read range of 18 to 24 inches
  • Metal compensation available (MR-1824-MC) for mounting on metal surfaces (up to 16" @ 12VDC Read Range)
  • Electronics potted with epoxy compound for demanding environmental applications
  • LED for visual feedback, Piezo beeper for audio feedback
  • Compatible with all Wiegand access control systems
  • Industry-standard Wiegand  (26 to 50 bit) output and RS-232 interface
  • Attractive high-tech enclosure in dark gray or beige color
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