AWID KP-6840, Gray, Integrated Keypad, Proximity Reader, 6"-8" RoHS | AWI-KP-6840-GR-MP


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AWID KP-6840, Gray, Integrated Keypad, Proximity Reader, 6-8 in. RoHS | AWI-KP-6840-GR-MP

AWID’s Sentinel-Prox Proximity Reader KP-6840 is a combination PIN pad and Switchplate-style reader, specially designed for high-security applications that require dual verification. With a read range of 6 to 8 inches, the KP-6840 delivers exceptional value without compromise on quality, durability, and performance for both indoor and outdoor applications. The KP-6840 reader is a fully-featured Wiegand and RS-232 compatible reader with an LED and Annunciator for both small and large volume OEM and Dealer installations. It is designed to mount on a standard single-gang electric wall-box or on the surface of an interior or exterior wall.

  • The read range of 6 to 8 inches
  • PIN pad for dual verification
  • Specially designed for an attractive appearance
  • Electronics potted with epoxy compound for demanding environmental applications
  • LED for visual feedback, Piezo beeper for audio feedback
  • Compatible with all Wiegand access control systems
  • Industry-standard Wiegand output and RS-232 interface
  • Attractive high-tech enclosure in dark gray
  • Tri-state LED
Technical Features
  • Reading Distance: With cards – Up to 8 inches (20 cm) (varies with mounting or housing, the voltage applied to reader, and credential type)
  • Reader Excitation Frequency: Transmit and Receive - 125 kHz
  • Antenna Output: Omni-directional low-frequency RF field
  • Indicators (Control by Reader and Panel): LED – 3 colors, red-amber-green Beeper – piezo-electric, 4 kHz tone
  • Power Supply: +5 volts to +12 volts DC, linear, regulated Current rating: 200 mA or more
  • Communication Protocols: Wiegand electrical interface (for reader & keypad) RS-232 serial interface (for the reader only) 
  • Code Format – Keypad: Select 26-bit, 4-bit or 8-bit bursts
  • Cable (for Wiegand Interface): 4 to 7 conductors (not twisted pairs), stranded, 22 gauge, color-coded, overall 100% shielded, a plastic jacket, up to 500 ft
Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions: 4.6 x 3.1 x 0.88 inches (11.7 x 7.9 x 2.2 cm)
  • Weight: 8 ounces (227 g)
  • Material: ABS 2-part enclosure, dark gray only Epoxy resin potting on reader electronics
  • Cable (Integrated with Reader): 10 conductors, 22 gauge, 18 inches long. The overall shielded, gray plastic jacket
  • Mounting: Single-gang utility box, wall, cabinet
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