LAN60 Token Operated Exit Control Parking System | FAS-LAN60

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LAN60 Token Operated Exit Control Parking System | FAS-LAN60

This is a very practical and effective control system that enables a gated entrance or exit to be opened once for each time a coded print token is inserted. This is an ideal system for parking lots, hotels, and commercial locations.

Lan60 is a coin entrance and exit control system with a marking code. When the coin is inserted, the system checks the correct positioning of the marks, the size of the coin, as well as its weight. If the coin is recognized, the electric contact will close, and an external circuit will be activated, opening an attached gate. The coin is then collected in a special box with a 500 maximum capacity. Unrecognized coins are automatically ejected. The mechanism is also available with a no-return device.

Tokens (part LAN60K) for the LAN60 Token-operated exit control system are sold in packs of fifty and are available on this website. Use the search box to easily find an item by part number or description.

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