Nice INTI2 Remote Control Transmitter


Model: Black (INTI2/A)
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Nice INTI2 Remote Control Transmitter

This Inti transmitter uses data processing and recognition systems that increase its degree of security and delivers a threefold reduction in automation response time. A classic black, it will give your keyring a classy style!

  • Built-in proximity receiver
  • With 72-bit O-Code encoding
  • Easy memorization using a transmitter already programmed in the receiver.
Technical Specification
  • Model: INTI2 
  • Carrier frequency : 433.92 MHz
  • Estimated Range: 150 m (outdoors); 30 m (if inside buildings)*
  • Encoding: O-Code 72 bit; rolling code**
  • Power supply: 3 Vdc; lithium battery type
  • Battery life: 2 years (with 10 transmissions for day)
  • Protection class: IP40 (use in protected environments)
  • Dimensions Weight: 1.2x2.2x0.3 h inches 0.03 lbs
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