AES e-Trans 200 LCD Transceiver | AES-ETRANS200


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AES e-Trans 200 LCD Transceiver | AES-ETRANS200

The e-tans-200 transceiver is a bidirectional wireless access control system for gate and door applications.

With a unique lock-out function, this high-end accessory is designed to manage access control for commercial multi-unit complexes with up to 200 units, with functions also suitable for home systems.

  • Simple to use menu functions with LCD display.
  • High sensitivity 433 MHz -126 dBm receiver with 20 dBm Transmission
  • External SMA connector to allow for the connection of different antennas.
  • Wide input voltage range from 10V to 36V ACDC.
  • 2 relay outputs with the ability to set to Pulse, Hold or Latch mode.
  • Selectable ultra-low standby power consumption of only 4.5 m/a making it
    ideal for solar applications.
  • 200 code storage with remote ID selection making it ideal for unit applications.
  • Ability to delete individual remote devices.
  • Unique lock-out feature allows you to lock out entry buttons, e-Loops and keypads using the lock and unlock function on the e-Remote.
  • Ability to connect to the e-Loop to access menus and change settings.
  • Test mode which allows you to test relay outputs, radio signal strength and
  • radio interference.
Manufacturer's Warranty Period
  • 2 Years
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