Zoll Semi-automatic AED 3 | CPR-8511-001101-01-KIT

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Zoll Semi-automatic AED 3 | CPR-8511-001101-01-KIT

The ZOLL AED 3 defibrillator leads the way with Real CPR Help technology, which provides real-time feedback to guide rescuers in delivering high-quality CPR. The innovative, intuitive design and enhanced features of ZOLL AED 3 give unexpected heroes both the confidence and the knowledge needed to treat sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

A full-color display shows vivid rescue images, a CPR cycle timer, and a large color bar gauge that shows CPR compression depth. In addition to displaying integrated, real-time CPR feedback, the ZOLL AED 3 screen also includes one-of-a-kind intuitive touchscreen capabilities, allowing quick access to AED information and enabling configuration without the need for additional external devices or software.

  • Zoll AED 3 with a 6-year manufacturer warranty
  • Battery Pack
  • CPR Stat-Padz Adult Electrodes
  • Operators Manual
  • Enhanced Real CPR Help: The CPR Dashboard shows the actual depth and rate of compressions displayed numerically, along with elapsed time, CPR cycle count, and shocks delivered.
  • Integrated Pediatric Rescue with special electrodes and a child mode setting which configures the AED's algorithm and delivers child-appropriate treatment without an attenuator.
  • Rugged Design
  • Child mode for pediatric rescue
  • Semi-automatic (user must push the shock button to deliver treatment)
  • Protocol: Semi-automatic
  • Battery Capacity: 140 defibrillator dischargers at max. energy (200 J), or 6 hours of continuous monitoring (with 2-minute CPR periods). 5 years stand-by life with weekly self-test.
  • Disposable, sealed lithium manganese dioxide batteries
  • Waveform: ZOLL Rectilinear Biphasic.
  • Energy: 120 J, 150 J, 200 J for adults, 50 J, 70 J, 85 J for children.
  • Charge time: less than 10 seconds with new battery.
  • Self-test: Configurable automatic self-test from 1 to 7 days. Default: every 7 days. Monthly full-energy test (200J).
  • Real CPR Help provides real-time feedback on chest compression rate and depth.
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