Vaultek XT Series LifePod with Pluck Foam (Black) | VLP-XT1i-BK

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Vaultek XT Series LifePod with Pluck Foam (Black) | VLP-XT1i-BK

Vaultek LifePod XT Series: Standard Model with Base Pluck Foam, and Protective Lid Crate Foam Panel

  • Base Pluck Foam
  • Protective Lid Crate
  • Foam Panel
  • 48" Steel Security Cable
  • Backup Keys
    • Introducing the world’s first biometric weatherproof firearm case. Modular Interior, High Capacity, and Quick Lock and Unlock. Building on the successful LifePod platform, LifePod XT boasts a built-in biometric scanner and Smart Sense™ digital keypad-all wrapped in a rugged, all-weather, high-impact T3™ Polymer housing with reinforced anti-theft features.
    • Modular Accessory System Personalize your LifePod XT interior with repositionable pistol racks and magazine racks that quickly and securely snap into place. Additional accessories include pluck foam, lid organizers, and a rigid molle board panel to customize the interior. LifePod XT is available in (3) preset configurations.
    • Built-in lock system incorporates Vaultek’s precision-engineered safe technology and dual anti-impact latch design. LifePod XT can be quickly locked and unlocked using the touch-sensitive Smart Sense™ digital keypad, weatherproof HD biometric scanner, or backup manual key.
    • Lightweight and Rugged T3™ Polymer Advanced non-metal polymer construction is engineered to be lightweight with superior strength and drop-tested to be the ultimate rugged lockbox. Anti-theft protection features a reinforced steel interior hinge system, dual anti-impact latches, and a quick-release steel security cable mount. Side compression latches and inner rubber gasket seals off the interior from environmental elements. LifePod XT is weather-resistant, airtight, dustproof, floats, and TSA-compliant.
    • Powered by a 9V alkaline battery (not included) with a battery life of up to one year under normal use. LifePod XT can also be used without a battery and still function as a water-resistant case. The front rubber keyhole cover disguises a hidden micro-USB port to power the unit in case of a dead battery.
    • Interior pluck foam creates custom-fit pockets for stored belongings providing the most versatile storage application.
    Technical Specifications
    • Construction: Advanced Non-Mental T3™ Polymer Construction
    • Secure Access Points: Biometric Scanner, Smart Sense™ Digital Keypad, and Manual Key
    • Environmental Protection: Water Resistant, Airtight, Dust Proof, and Floats (up to 33lb load)
    • Water Resistant Seal: Compression Latches Establish Seal (battery not required for function)
    • Biometric Scanner: Water Proof High Definition Biometric Scanner
    • Biometric Storage Capacity: 20 Unique Fingerprints
    • Keypad: Touch Activated Capacitive Keypad
    • Keypad Code Length: 4-8 Digits
    • Security Lock: Dual Anti-Impact Latch System with Capacitive Keypad (battery required for function)
    • Battery Life: Up to 1 Year
    • Battery Type: 9V Alkaline (Not Included)
    • Integrated Micro-USB Port: Yes, Provides Backup Power in the Event Battery Dies
    • Exterior Dimensions: 16.6′′ x 14′′ x 7.5′′
    • Interior Dimensions: 14.5′′ x 10.6′′ x 6.5′′
    • Weight: 11.3lbs
    • Meets TSA Guidelines: Yes

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