Vaultek RS500i Rugged Wi-Fi Biometric Smart Rifle Safe | RS500i-BK

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Vaultek RS500i Rugged Wi-Fi Biometric Smart Rifle Safe | RS500i-BK

The "Vaultek RS500i Rugged Wi-Fi Biometric Smart Rifle Safe | RS500i-BK" is a top-of-the-line firearm storage solution designed to provide advanced security and convenience for rifles and other valuable items. Vaultek is known for producing safes that combine robust security features with smart technology. Here are the key details and features of the Vaultek RS500i Rugged Wi-Fi Biometric Smart Rifle Safe:

  • 1 - Twin holster
  • 3 - Barrel mounts
  • 3 - Barrel mount adapters
  • 2 - Spare manual keys
  • Baseplate
  • Smart Key Nano and battery
  • Charging kit with cable and adapter
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Mounting hardware
  • Compact and Modular Design makes it extremely versatile in placement and storage options. Designed to store 5-7 rifles, 6-8 pistols, and magazines. Add additional modular accessories available to max out your safe. Great a bedroom safe, closet safe, office safe, hallway safe, or living room safe.
  • Tough and Rugged 14-gauge carbon steel construction using Vaultek’s exclusive metal forming technique features a durable finish to prevent corrosion and ensure long-lasting protection. ADVANCED ANTI-THEFT PROTECTION features include (4) solid steel locking bolts, anti-pry bars, ruggedized interior hinges, and Impact Detection for the ultimate prevention of break-ins.
  • Quick Access to your valuables and documents from the auto-open door. Get in quick when it matters most using the gaming-inspired action of the backlit keypad with over 19,000,000 unique combinations, a biometric scanner capable of storing 20 unique fingerprints, the fastest access point available the included Smart Key Nano and backup keys are also included.
  • Wi-Fi Technology uses the Vaultek Wi-Fi Smartphone App and an exclusive online dashboard for the most advanced safety management tools available. Receive instant alerts for critical safe activity from anywhere. View battery status, adjust the brightness of the interior light, check the history log, and much more. The LCD screen provides quick visual feedback for all safety activities and a rechargeable Li-ion battery provides power for up to 5 months in Low Power Mode, and charges in 2.5 hours with the included charging kit.
  • Modular Interior features a core perforated back panel to mount magnetic accessories anywhere. An accessory starter kit is included with a universal twin holster and (2) barrel mounts with adapters. Customize your space and order additional modules including shelves, a front door mounting board, and AR door mounts. Responsive LED lighting for a full view of your safe contents with the adjustable brightness interior LED lights.
    Technical Specifications
    • WiFi: Yes, a 2.4 GHz network required
    • Backlit-Keypad: Backlit 8 digit keypad with built-in proximity sensor
    • Battery Life: 3-4 months using Low Power Mode
    • Battery Type: UPGRADED 18650 Rechargeable Lithium-ion, 3.6v 3350 mAh
    • Biometric Imaging Speed: 40 FPS
    • Biometric Sensor Area: 11.0mm x 11.0mm
    • Biometric Sensor Pixels: 192 x 192 Pixels @508DPi
    • Biometric Storage Capacity: 20 Unique Fingerprints
    • Construction: Progressive Formed 14-Gauge Steel
    • Exterior Product Dimensions: 14" L X 11.7" W x 54" H
    • Interior Product Dimensions: 13.75" L X 9.75" W x 53.25" H
    • Lcd Screen Size: 50.0mm x 25.0mm
    • Pin Code Length: 4-8 Digits
    • Weight: 93lbs
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