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USAutomatic Ranger 500 I AC Charged Single Swing Gate Opener 20510 DIY (Do It Yourself) Kit Includes Receiver, Two Remotes and Bolt on Hardware Kit For Gates Up To 13 Feet and 400 lbs

The Ranger series of gate openers is full of ingenuous design changes and is defining the next generation of low voltage DC gate openers in the field. Introducing Quick connect harnesses for all standard components, industry first limit switch technology (patent pending), AC charger included with all openers and external reset.

The gate opener design allows for mounting in 2 different positions making it easy to hide behind a cross member in the gate which improves the aesthetic appeal.

Ranger solar performance is extraordinary and unique in the industry, offering up to 65 cycles per day on the standard 6 watt solar panel with a full selection of solar friendly accessories and photo eyes for safety installed.

USAutomatic Ranger 500 I AC Charged Includes:
  • 1 Set of Photo Eyes 550011
  • 1 Ranger Gate Opener 510310
  • 1 Wireless Receiver 030205
  • 2 Wireless Two Button Remote Transmitters 030210
  • 1 AC Transformer 520004
  • 1 Charge Controller 520006
  • 1 Charge Control Harness 630040
  • 1 Secondary Entrapment Siren 530015
  • 1 External Reset Button 630060
  • 2 Safety Signs
  • 1 DIY Bolt on Hardware Kit 620112
USAutomatic Bolt on Hardware Kit 620112 Includes:
  • 1 Universal Actuator Bracket 610400
  • 1 Square Post Flush Mount Bracket 610402
  • 1 Round Post Flush Mount Bracket 610404
  • 1 Linear Actuator Bracket 610406
  • 2 Gate Support Bracket 610120
  • Bolts/Fasteners
  • Nuts
  • Washers
USAutomatic Ranger Swing Gate Operator | All Security Equipment
  • Solar/AC charged with solar friendly smart controller
  • Independent Gate 1 & Gate 2 sensitivity adjustments
  • Built in timer to close
  • For residential, light commercial, ranch and farm use
  • Dual gate kit includes a water tight junction box and wire nuts with 35 feet of cable
  • Three year warranty on all components
  • Pre-wired solar friendly LCR dual channel receiver
  • Designed to work with with all types of solar friendly accessories (without adding solar panels)
  • Battery powered provides real battery backup and not just one cycle
  • Photo Eye Power Management (PEPM) solar friendly software
  • Single/Dual gate compatible
  • Hinged control box cover
  • Proudly Made in the USA!
  • Power Input: AC Charged
  • Maximum Gate Length: 13 Ft.
  • Maximum Gate Weight: 400 Lbs.

BATTERY REQUIRED FOR OPERATION (Battery is not included)

Recommended Battery Type: Battery 12-volt, Group U-1; sealed and maintenance free; 30 amp hour minimum. This type of battery is known as a lawn tractor or wheel chair battery. You can easily find them at stores like Walmart, Sam's Club, etc.

Using a smaller amp hour battery may cause damage to the charging system. The wiring harness has two 1/4” ring terminals to connect to the battery posts.

If the installation is located in an area that has frequent power outages (AC-charged systems) or might experience weeks of no sunshine, then consider a larger amp hour battery. A 70 amp hour battery minimum would be recommended for those locations.

CAUTION!!! Do not install wet cell battery into control box; this type of battery usually has removable caps used for service and will vent into control box.

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