UNV Indoor Pendant Mount | UNV-TR-CM06-IN

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UNV Indoor Pendant Mount | UNV-TR-CM06-IN

The UNV Indoor Pendant Mount (Model: UNV-TR-CM06-IN) is a versatile mounting solution designed for both indoor and outdoor use, specifically for housing pendant installation. Here are the technical specifications for this pendant mount:

Technical Specifications
  • Application: Indoor or outdoor, housing Pendant installation
  • Dimensions: 491mm x 239mm (19.3” x 9.4”)
  • Weight: 0.61kg (1.3lb)
  • Bearable Load: 10kg (22lb)
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Adjustable Range: Horizontal: 0°~180°; Vertical: -45°~45°
Product Literature

The UNV Indoor Pendant Mount (UNV-TR-CM06-IN) offers a reliable and adaptable solution for securely mounting housing pendants in both indoor and outdoor environments. Its aluminum alloy construction ensures durability, and its adjustable range provides flexibility for precise positioning and orientation of the pendant.

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