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SecuraKey R-KAT Description

SecuraKey RKAT Audit Trail Module for the Radio Key 600 adds powerful transaction history capability at minimal cost.

By connecting a serial printer, the user can print date and time stamped transactions as they occur, a key tag/PIN status report, or a list of the last 150 transactions. The programming keypad is used to select print functions. With a PC, the user can program the unit, produce reports with user names and information, backup/restore key tag/PIN programming or copy programming from one Radio Key 600 to another.

The module plugs permanently into the RK600 circuit board, and fits inside the reader housing. A four-wire cable with DB-9 connector is included for easy connection to a PC, or to a Serial Printer with a customer-supplied gender changer. SecuraKey's Optional CBLSA cable kit and a customer-supplied, six conductor, RJ-11 wall jack allows the temporary connection of a portable printer or laptop PC. RK-LINK software for Windows 95/Windows NT is also included.

  • Program unit with PC
  • Upload History to PC for display/printout
  • Upload key tag or PIN status to PC
  • Download key tag or pin status to RK600 from PC
  • Copy key tag or PIN status from one RK600 to others using a PC
  • RS-232 Interface
  • Print the latest 150 date and time stamped transactions from memory
  • Print date and time stamped transactions as they occur
  • Print key tag or PIN Status Report
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