SEA VERG L 24V Electromechanical Barrier Gate Operator | SEA-F-1132S0-5MT-CSA-FA


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SEA VERG L 24V Electromechanical Barrier Gate Operator | SEA-F-1132S0-5MT-CSA-FA

The SEA VERG Parking Barrier Gate Operator is a top-of-the-line, electromechanical barrier for barrier arms up to 16.4 feet for light/medium duty cycles. It's fast, low voltage automatic barrier is perfect for use in commercial and residential settings. The slow down speed is adjustable in opening and closing, so you can customize it to your needs. The electric motor has low consumption, meaning you'll save on energy costs. Plus, the reverse on obstacle function is adjustable for sensitivity, so you can be sure your barrier will work smoothly and reliably.

  • SEA Verg L 24V barrier
  • 12 ft arm with bumper protection with sectional system for easy assembly and shipping (LED light and tape are not included)
  • Balancing Spring for the 12ft arm
  • ASE long range 2-channel universal receiver FAS-RC
  • Two FREE ASE universal remotes with visor clip
  • Battery back-up capability to guarantee the operating also in case of power failure
  • Solar compatible
  • Adjustable mechanical stops
  • Cataphoresis treated and polyester painted steel box for longer life
  • Barrier arm made out of 2 piece for easy shipping and assembly. Also come with a rubber bumper.
  • The electronic control board (USER 1 - 24V DG)is positioned on the top and in a horizontal position to allow an easier use during installation or maintenance
  • Universal right - left hand side
  • Power supply 24 Vac
  • Power Consumption (W) 60 W
  • Absorbed current 6A
  • Opening delay adjustable
  • Frequency of use 60%
  • Thermal protection -
  • Operation temperature -4°F to + 131°F
  • Weight 112 lbs
  • Protection class IP55
  • Max. beam length16,4 ft
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SEA VERG L 24V Electromechanical Barrier Gate Operator Manual

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