SEA Half-Tank 24VDC Single Kit Hydraulic Swing Gate Opener 104HT24ACSPW with Pre-wired Metal Enclosure | SEA-104HT24ACSPW


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Hydraulic swing gate operator for condominium use. Max leaf length up to 1100 lbs. or 16 feet.


SEA Half-Tank 24VDC Single Kit Hydraulic Swing Gate Opener 104HT24ACSPW with 20 x 16 x 5 Pre-wired Metal Enclosure and accessories, for gates up to 1100 lbs. & 16 feet (Max Cycles 70 Per Hour)

Please Note: The SEA Half Tank 24VDC (#10403005) swing gate opener has been re-engineered with Brushless Technology and upgraded with the SEA Unigate Inverter Board. Inverter Technology will improve torque, speed, and voltage fluctuation as well as do away with the need for capacitors. In addition, extra relays will be included as well as a built-in timer! The new and improved brushless model " SEA Half Tank 36VDC Brushless" will be available starting 11/2020.

Low voltage 24V hydraulic swing gate operator max leaf length up to 16,5 Ft.

Included in Kit:

  • 1 Hydraulic operators HALF TANK 24V
  • 1 Control unit USER2 PRE-WIRED with RF UNI 433 MHz plug-in receiver
  • 2 Lady Bug 433 MHz transmitters
  • 1 Pair of SUNSET photocells
  • 2 Warning signs

    WARNING: Positive stops are not included in the kits, they should be requested separately

    SPECIAL Feature: SEA Gate Openers are all equipped with an on-board built-in Safety Buzzer that can be activated to alert you when the gate opener is moving or obstructed.


  • Hydraulic operator with lock in opening and closing (AC)
  • Force and slowdown adjustment on USER 2 - 24V DG HYDRO control unit
  • High anti-crushing safety
  • Emergency batteries and solar panel SUNNY KIT (optional)
  • 0.8 inches rod diameter
  • Piston stroke 10.6 inches
  • Integrated linear encoder for the best setting on reverse and position management
  • Low consumption motor
  • Standard aluminum oscillating back fixing fork

    What Separates SEA Hydraulic Gate Openers From The Competition?

    *Extremely silent operation.

    *Superior in quality.

    *UL Compliant / CSA Certified for the US Market.

    *Operators' body made of Aluminum, inside components made of high-grade material such as brass locks, metal distributor, etc.

    *New UNIGATE Inverter board provides a better operation to any of SEA's hydraulic operators...

    • Adjustable speed

    • Adjustable acceleration and deceleration

    • Continuous duty

    • Adjust torque

    • Better protection from electrical surge, etc.

    *SEA is the only brand with Industrial Hydraulic Swing Gate Operators with our Super Full Tank Line for swing gates up to 40 Ft or 5,500 Lbs.

    *Commercial / Industrial operators have the option of external hydraulic pump.

    *A variety of hydraulic swing arms for residential, commercial and industrial use.

    *Battery Backup option for all AC (120V - 240V) operators.

    *SEA hydraulic in-ground operators have wider cylinder and stronger body structure; steel housing with option for stainless steel.

    *SEA sliding gate line includes commercial and industrial operators with motors and gears in Hydraulic Oil Bath; available options in chain #40 or rack.

    This Hydraulic Gate Operators (as well as all gate operators) MUST be installed by a professional and experienced installer. This model contains a pre-installed screw to be intact during transport so the oil does not leak. The screw must be removed prior to gate operation as failure to remove will cause damage to the gate operator and void warranty.

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