SCP Simply45® ProSeries All-In-One RJ45 Crimp Tool | SCP-S45-C101


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SCP Simply45® ProSeries All-In-One RJ45 Crimp Tool | SCP-S45-C101

ProSeries All-In-One RJ45 Crimp Tool for All Shielded & Unshielded Simply45® Brand Pass Through & Standard WE/SS (8P8C) RJ45 Mod Plugs

  • Tool Lock
  • Click Socket
  • Blade Storage
  • Stripper/Cutter - 1 each/Blister

Simply45®, the award-winning brand for innovative professional RJ45 solutions, introduces our ProSeries All-In-One RJ45 Crimp Tool for Pass-Through & Standard RJ45 modular plugs. This crimper includes features recommended by professional installers such as a Click-Lock Socket, Blade Storage in the Handle, External Ground Crimping Socket, and more.

The S45-C101 crimps ALL Simply45® brand RJ45 modular plugs including Pass Through, Standard WE/SS (8P8C), Shielded, and Unshielded. This tool is designed to crimp Simply45 brand RJ45 modular plugs.

Note: Unshielded and Internal Ground Shielded RJ45 modular plugs require a different crimp tool. For Standard WE/SS 8P8C Unshielded and Internal Ground Shielded RJ45 modular plugs, please use our S45-C200 RJ45 Crimp Tool.

  • Crimps Both Pass-Through and Standard WE/SS Shielded RJ45 Modular Plugs. This tool works with Simply45® brand RJ45 plugs only.
  • Locking Crimp Socket. Securely hold the RJ45 modular plug in the correct position for crimping.
  • Sliding Tool Lock. The S45-C101 ProSeries Crimp Tool features a convenient sliding tool lock to hold the crimp tool in its closed position when not in use.
  • Blade Storage in the Handle. The S45-C101 ProSeries Crimp Tool includes a convenient storage box built into the crimp tool handle.
  • Crimping Socket for External Ground Arm. The S45-C101 has a built-in crimping socket for the external ground arm. It does not require you to use a separate crimp tool to secure the external ground arm to the LAN cable.
  • Ratcheted for Full Compression Cycle. A ratcheted crimp tool prevents incomplete plug termination.
  • Synchronized Handles = More Force with Less Hand Effort. Uses synchronized handles that compress together during the crimping cycle.
  • Steel Reinforced for Greater StabilitySimply45® S45-C101 is wrapped with reinforced steel to ensure tool stability during the crimping cycle.
  • Improved Trimming Blade Design. Even force delivered to the trimming blades
  • Wire Alignment Pattern Where You Need It. Simply45® laser engraves the wire alignment patterns Type A/B right under the crimping socket.
  • Easy Blade Changing. We make blade changing quick and easy to do. 30 seconds is all you need to change the trimming blade.
  • Set Strain Reliefs / Boots During the Crimping Cycle. Using strain reliefs (boots) is very important to protect the RJ45 modular plug termination.
  • Multi-FunctionS45-C101 also includes a built-in wire cutter and wire stripper.
  • Ergonomic Grip. Simply45® designed the S45-C101 ProSeries Crimp Tool with an ergonomic grip that reduces hand fatigue and slippage.
SCP Standard Limited Warranty
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Dimensions (in/mm): 11.6 x 4.5 x 1.2 in / 295 x 115 x 30 mm
  • Weights (lb/kg): 1.076 lb / 0.488 kg

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