Ritron Clean Cab Radio

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Model: Ritron Clean Cab Radio (One Piece/Analog Clean Cab Radio)
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Ritron Clean Cab Radio

The RCCR-NXR includes new user functionality and capabilities-driven by the railroad community’s growing application of NXDN® digital technology.

The NXR uses many of the same field-proven core components used in the popular RCCR legacy radio. These include railroad-optimized Analog/NXDN digital RF platform; robust PS3 power supply; the same rugged mechanical design and of course, maintaining the same AREMA footprint as the RCCR legacy. NXR enhancements include the addition of a dedicated RAN button and a more intuitive display of radio channel information.

The NXR radio is available in either a 1-piece or 2-piece remote-head model. It is capable of 25KHz (wideband-international only) or 12.5KHz (narrowband) Analog and 6.25kHz (very narrowband) NXDN Digital voice operation.

The all-metal enclosure is made from heavy-gauge aluminum for a minimum weight and maximum durability. A large bright, easy-to-read LED display allows for a wide viewing angle and ruggedness. Front panel pushbuttons are large and flush-mounted to ensure correct entry and back-lit for low light operation. Special emphasis has been given to the easy access and serviceability of all internal PCBs and related electronics.

  • RCCR-HANDSET: Telephone Type, Electret Mic, 8 ft Coiled Cord with Connector

  • RCCR-PWRCBL: 72V Power Cable, 78" Length, Right Angle Connectors. Fits 1-piece RCCR Radio

  • RCCR-RMTCBL: Remote Head-to-Radio Body Cable, 30 ft. Length with Connectors. Fits 2-piece RCCR Radio

  • RCCR-TRAY: RCCR Mounting Tray. Fits RCCR-151 Radio

  • RCCR-NXDN Kit: Upgrades Any Analog RCCR Radio To FDMA Supernarrow Band NXDN Digital @ 6.25KHz
  • Tri-Mode capable. Wideband (25kHz) Analog (international use Only), Narrowband (12.5kHz), and NXDN Digital (6.25kHz).
  • One-piece (RCCR-151-NXR) and Two-piece (RCCR-152-NXR) models are available.
  • Splash Resistance, Shock, and Vibration per AAR S-5702
  • All-metal, rugged enclosure for maximum durability
  • Large, easy-to-read LED display with wide viewing angle and polarized, protective  
      anti-glare lens for long viewing distance and ruggedness.
  • New! Intuitive channel information display
  • Backlit front panel pushbuttons are large and flush-mounted for easy use
  • New! RAN Code Button allows individual entry of up to 64 RAN codes on a per-channel basis. Default RAN setting = 01 TX, 00 RX.
  • New! Dual-color LED indicators for improved radio awareness
  • New! NXDN Unit ID and Group ID of a transmitting radio appears on the RCCR display
  • Dual front-end design; narrow front-end with dual surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters for AAR channels and wider front-end for Non-AAR VHF operation on frequencies in the 150-174MHz band.
  • Appropriate front-end circuitry is automatically selected for channel/frequency chosen.
  • Supports 170 MHz Mexican frequencies via wide front-end.
  • Internal flash memory and program code make the radio externally upgradeable
  • Use of CHAN or HOME Button allows individual entry of all AAR narrowband or NXDN digital channels.
  • Up to 500 “custom” programmed alpha-numeric Home Channels.
  • Large speaker provides loud, crisp, easy-to-understand audio.
  • Oversized easy-to-grasp carrying handle allows for hassle-free radio transport.
  • Easy access and serviceability of all internal PCBs and related electronics.
Technical Specifications
  • FCC ID: AIERIT28-150
  • FCC Rule Parts: 90
  • Industry Canada ID: 1084A-RIT28150
  • Industry Canada Specifications: RSS-119, Issue 9
  • Frequency Range: Narrow (AAR) Front End: 159–162 MHz. Broad Front-End: 150–174 MHz
  • Synthesizer Step Size: 2.5 kHz
  • Channel Step Size: 15kHz (Wide) 7.5 (Narrow) 7.5kHz (Very Narrow)
  • Frequency Stability: +/- 1 PPM (-30º to +60ºC) TX/RX
  • RF Channels: * AAR Wideband Channel 05 – 97, * AAR Narrowband Channels 005–097, * AAR Narrowband Channels 104–197, * AAR Digital Channels 302–488, * Custom Programmed Home Channels 1-500
  • Tone/Code Signaling: * 64 NXDN RAN Codes. Front panel selectable.
  • Default 01 TX, 00 RX., * CTCSS, * Digital Coded Squelch, * Single-Tone Encode (Home channels only), * DTMF Encode
  • Environmental: Splash resistant, shock & vibration as per AAR S-5702, section 3.2.4
  • Antenna Fitting: 50 ohms, SO-239 connector
  • Dimensions: 4.4”H x 10.6”W x 9.6”D
  • Weight: 16.7 lbs.
  • Enclosure Construction: Modular case assembly made from precision machined
  • aluminum plate. The case is assembled using corrosion-resistant, high-strength, stainless steel fasteners.
  • Do not include trays, handsets, or cables.
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