SecuraKey NOVA 16 Multi-Reader Control Panel, 10 x 11 Enclosure with Key and Lock | SKY-SK-MRCP-LE


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SecuraKey NOVA 16 Multi-Reader Control Panel, 10 x 11 Enclosure with Key and Lock | SKY-SK-MRCP-LE

Secura Key’s new NOVA.16 multi-reader access control panel, based on a powerful 32-bit RISC processor, provides a major technology upgrade to Secura Key’s legacy SK-NET™ system.

The NOVA.16 introduces a new more efficient architecture for the SK-NET™ system. Each panel connects to the local area network using its built-in Ethernet connection, and it also connects to a high speed, RS485 peripheral network which supports up to 16 Smart Readers, each controlling a single door or gate. (NOVA.16’s can also be interconnected using the RS-485 Command Bus).

  • Supports up to 16 doors using Smart Readers on an RS-485 bus
  • 65000 cards, 10000 time-stamped events
  • 15 programmable time zones, 32 holidays, and one door control Time Zone per reader
  • Built-in TCP/IP capability for LAN/WAN connections
  • Optional wireless LAN module and Modems available
  • UL294, FCC, and CE regulatory approvals
  • New system architecture eliminates cable home runs from individual doors
Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 11” x 10” x 3” 27.94 x 25.40 x 7.62 cm 
  • Mounting Wall: Mount Enclosure, 4 screws #6 or #8 
  • Enclosure Material: Steel
  • Enclosure Color: Black, textured finish
  • Keylock and Tamper Switch: Included
  • Power Requirements: 16.5-24VAC 40 VA transformer will power panel and up to 16 smart readers, 24VDC 500 mA supply will power panel and up to 4 Smart Readers, 24VDC 1A supply will power panel and 5-16 Smart Readers
  • Recommended Power Supply: 16.5-24VAC 40VA transformer, or 24VDC 500 mA plug-in DC Power Supply
  • Communications, Cable Requirements: LAN: CAT 5e or 6, connect to onboard RJ45 Ethernet connector RS-485 Command Bus: Single twisted pair, shielded with ground up to 4000 feet RS-232: 5-wire shielded cable, up to 115K Baud, full-duplex 8N1 up to 100 ft. Modem: Hayes compatible, 1.2 to 57.6 K baud Printer: Serial printer (or parallel printer with serial converter) Smart Readers: Use CAT5: use one pair for data, double up additional pairs for DC power and ground, or use CAT5 for data and 18/2 for power. Or use Siamese cable with CAT5 AND 18/2 (COLEMAN cable 97395-06-23)
  • Environmental: -40°F – 158°F (-40° – 70°C); 0-95% RH non-condensing
  • Operational: Card capacity 65,535, 16 Controlled Doors, 16 4x4 I/O Input/Relay boards, Door Transaction/Storage 10000 events, 15 Time Zones, 10 Door Unlock Zones, 32 Holidays, 16 Facility Codes, Latch/Alarm Shunt Timer ¼ - 30 seconds, Limited Use cards 65535, 1-500 uses, days, weeks or number of days after first use
  • Memory Non-volatile: (programming retained during power loss)
  • Regulatory Approvals: UL.cUL294, Part 15 Class B FCC, CE Mark
  • Warranty: 2-year Limited Warranty (see price list for terms and conditions)
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