Noodoe AC7L/AC7LC Single Station EV Charger

NoodoeSKU: NOO-AC7L-Single

Model : Wi-Fi Connectivity
Sale price$1,375.00

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Noodoe AC7L/AC7LC Single Station EV Charger

The Noodoe AC7L series delivers efficient yet powerful coverage. It can provide power to suit any budget and will remain consistent throughout hours of operation. Easy to use for drivers and site managers, this high-quality station will meet all your needs.

The Noodoe AC7L Single Station EV Charger is a 7.6kw single station and wall-mounted option.

Note: These prices are all-inclusive, meaning minimum required additional services like EV OS operating system for 1 YR, LTE/Cellular plans for 1 YR, and Commissioning and Set Up are pre-included.

The "C" in that station means it has cellular connectivity capability, no "C" means wifi only.

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