Linear DC Gate Edge Radio Kit Mon 10K | LIN-SGEKDC


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Linear DC Gate Edge Radio Kit Mon 10K | LIN-SGEKDC

Approved for APeX2 operators includes one SGET transmitter and one SGER receiver. In a typical installation, the SGET is mounted on a motorized gate, door, or barrier arm and wired to a 10K exterior safety edge sensor which presents a closed circuit across the connecting wires when an object is hit during the closing of a gate. To ensure full compatibility with all gate edge supervision features, NSC recommends Miller gate edge sensors with 10K only. Please specify when ordering the sensor.

The SGER is a wireless radio control designed for use with automatic gate openers or garage door operators. The radio format provides unparalleled security. Receivers and transmitters do not contain a typical “coding switch”. Each transmitter is pre-set at the factory to a unique code. The receiver is programmed by sending a signal to it from the transmitter(s) that are going to be used with it. This stores the code of the transmitter into the receiver’s memory. The receiver will retain its memory even without power. The receiver will activate only from these “memorized” transmitters. The receivers can operate from 10.5-30 volts DC and are normally powered by the gate operator. The relay contact(s) are rated at 5 amps @ 32 volts AC/DC NEC Class 2 circuit.

  • DC Gate Edge Radio Kit Mon 10K

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