Linear AC Power Key 110 | LIN-PKAC-110

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Linear AC Power Key 110 | LIN-PKAC-110

The UL Listed Power Key AC Machinery Access Control System is designed to limit access to powered devices to authorized users only. Power is supplied to the controlled device after a valid code has been entered. After the device has been switched off, Power Key AC will sense the load reduction and begin a time-out before restricting access. Once this time has expired, a valid code must be entered in order to supply power to the device again.

Power Key AC also monitors the circuit for an overload. If an overload has been detected, Power Key AC will automatically shut down and the LEDs will begin flashing alternately to indicate the condition.

  • Lockout unauthorized/untrained users
  • Control up to 1 1/2 HP motor
  • 99 Users
  • 110 Volt
  • UL Listed
Technical Specifications
  • Switch 1: Load Sensed 50 mA and up
  • Switch 2: Load Unsensed
  • Ratings: 20 Amps maximum
  • Order number: 0-290110
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