LiftMaster Extended Performance Release Device with Battery Backup | LIF-LM21XPBB


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LiftMaster Extended Performance Release Device with Battery Backup | LIF-LM21XPBB

The LiftMaster LM21XPBB Release Device is a UL/ULC listed normally energized fail-safe device designed for use on rolling doors, single-slide, center-parting level, and inclined track doors. This device is a normally energized fail-safe releasing device incorporating state-of-the-art electronic control circuitry.

The release device responds to emergency conditions generated from an automatic initiating device and is used in conjunction with a fusible link system. The release device can be powered from 120Vac, 24 Vac, or 24Vdc.

The 24Vdc cannot be sourced from a fire alarm control panel or UL1481 regulated power supply. The devices can be activated via a smoke detector or an alarm relay from the panel’s Form C dry contact relay.

LiftMaster Business Connectivity Monitor and Control
  • UL 864 Revision 9 compliant.
  • Selectable 10, 20, 30, or 60-second delay on alarm.
  • Closed-door detection capabilities.
  • Form C relay outputs for the transmission of alarm and trouble signals transmitted to the fire alarm control panel.
  • The testing function allows routine fire door testing without requiring activation of the smoke detector.
  • Audible trouble sounder to indicate when the release device is not operational.
  • Diagnostic feedback LEDs.
  • Battery backup for the release device and accessories.
  • A battery management system that can provide 24Vdc power for up to four smoke detectors and two horn strobes.
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