LiftMaster Hardware Kit | LIF-041A7920-2

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LiftMaster Hardware Kit | LIF-041A7920-2

This is a Universal Hardware Replacement Kit. For use with various Chamberlain® Belt Drive Garage Door Openers. Check the manual or replacement parts diagram for specific part information before ordering to ensure compatibility.

Genuine LiftMaster® replacement part.

  • All necessary hardware for rail assembly.
Also known as
  • LiftMaster 41A5257-18
  • LiftMaster 41A5257-17
  • LiftMaster 41A5257-19
  • LiftMaster 041A5257-22
  • LiftMaster 041A5257-21
  • LiftMaster 041A5257-20
  • LiftMaster 041A5257-16
  • LiftMaster 041A5258-16
  • LiftMaster 41A5257-9
  • LiftMaster 041A5257-19
  • LiftMaster 41A5258-6
  • LiftMaster 041A5257-18
  • LiftMaster 41A5257-6
  • LiftMaster 041A5257-17
  • LiftMaster 41A5257-5
  • LiftMaster 041A5257-6
  • LiftMaster 41A5257-21
  • LiftMaster 41A5257-1
  • LiftMaster 41A5257-20
  • LiftMaster 041A5257-9
  • LiftMaster 41A5258-16
  • LiftMaster 41A5257-16
  • LiftMaster 041A5257-5

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