FAAC Extension Arm 750


Model: Extension Arm 750
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FAAC Extension Arm 750

The FAAC Extension Arm for the 750 gate operator is a valuable accessory that allows you to customize and adapt your FAAC gate operator to your specific gate size and installation requirements.

  • Extension Capability: The Extension Arm for the FAAC 750 gate operator enables you to extend the reach of your gate operator to accommodate longer gate arms, providing versatility for various gate sizes and configurations.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the extension arm is built for durability and long-lasting performance, even in outdoor conditions.
  • Precise Fit: It is designed to work seamlessly with the FAAC 750 gate operator, ensuring a precise and secure fit.
  • Easy Installation: Installing the Extension Arm is straightforward, making it a convenient addition to your gate automation setup.
  • This accessory is compatible with FAAC 750 In-ground Hydraulic Operator.
Manufacturer's Warranty Period
  • 1 year
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