FAAC J200 SA 600 Retractable Bollard in Stainless Steel | FAA-116509


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FAAC J200 SA 600 Retractable Bollard in Stainless Steel | FAA-116509

FAAC solutions represent an elegant and functional alternative to fixed bollards, gates, barriers, chains and similar. The bollard defines pedestrian areas during peak times or permanently, it enables only authorized people (business owners, residents, hotel guests, garage customers, taxi, owners of parking spaces) to enter and/or exit from certain areas, it defines parking places, squares or sidewalks and protects sensitive areas, such as embassies, coastlines, military installations, etc.

  • Cylinder in stainless steel thickness (0.19 in) 5 mm satin-finished
  • Hydraulic lock in raised position (in the event of power failure) with special release key
  • Supporting structure to cement, cataphoresis treatment (pit not required)
  • Power supply and wiring not required
  • Simple and safe movement, with easy to use unlocking key
  • A streamlined product, configurable by selecting the desired installation accessories
  • Easy to transport, store and install, thanks to the limited weight of the product
  • Low position lock guaranteed against accidental release
  • Simplified maintenance (just one person is needed)
Manufacturer's Warranty Period
  • 2 years
Technical Specifications
  • Type of operator: Single-acting gas actuator
  • Height of cylinder from ground: 23.6 in (600 mm)
  • Cylinder diameter: 7.9 in (200 mm)
  • Cylinder material, standard version: Steel S235JRG2 EN 10277 0.24 in (6mm) thick
  • Cylinder surface treatment: Cataphoresis and polyester powder paint, dark grey metallised RAL 7021
  • Cylinder head: Aluminium RAL 9006
  • Release device: Key operated (supplied)
  • Reflecting strip height: 1 in (25 mm)
  • Standard reflecting strip color: Orange
  • Overall Weight: 181 lb (82 kg)
  • Dimensions WxDxH: 16x20x32 in (400x500x800 mm)
  • Foundation size (LxWxH): 28x28x43 in (700x700x1100 mm)
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