Doorking Spring | DKS-6006-031

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Doorking Spring | DKS-6006-031

The Doorking Spring 6006-031 is a component used in various access control and gate operator systems, particularly those manufactured by Doorking. Springs serve a variety of functions, depending on their specific application within the system.

  • Function: The exact function of the spring can vary depending on where it is used within the access control or gate operator system. Springs are often used to provide tension, assist in the movement of components, or facilitate other mechanical functions.
  • Installation: Proper installation of the spring is essential to ensure that it functions as intended. It typically involves securely attaching the spring to the relevant component or assembly.
  • Durability: Springs used in access control and gate operator systems need to be durable to withstand the mechanical stresses and environmental conditions they may encounter.

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