Doorking Magnetic Counter Probe | DKS-3004-010

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Doorking Magnetic Counter Probe | DKS-3004-010

The Doorking Magnetic Counter Probe 3004-010 is a specific component used in access control and security systems, particularly for monitoring and counting vehicles as they pass through a designated area, such as a driveway or gate entrance. Magnetic counter probes are commonly used in gate operator systems and traffic management applications.

  • Vehicle Detection: Magnetic counter probes are designed to detect the presence of vehicles. They work by sensing changes in the magnetic field when a vehicle with magnetic properties (such as steel) passes over the probe.
  • Counting and Logging: These probes are often used to count the number of vehicles entering or exiting a location. The data collected can be logged and used for various purposes, including traffic analysis and security.
  • Installation: Proper installation of the magnetic counter probe is essential for accurate vehicle detection. These probes are typically buried in the ground or installed on the surface of the road, and they are connected to the control system.
  • Reliability: Magnetic counter probes are known for their reliability in vehicle detection. They are not affected by environmental conditions such as rain, dust, or lighting, making them suitable for outdoor use.
  • Integration: The data collected by magnetic counter probes can often be integrated with access control systems, allowing for automatic gate operation and other security-related functions.
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