Doorking Auxiliary Cabinet | DKS-1816-081

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Doorking Auxiliary Cabinet | DKS-1816-081

The Doorking Auxiliary Cabinet 1816-081: Expanding Capabilities and Versatility in Access Control

In the world of access control and security, the ability to expand and enhance the capabilities of your system is of paramount importance. The Doorking Auxiliary Cabinet 1816-081 is a critical component designed to provide additional space and functionality for your access control setup. This auxiliary cabinet offers a range of features that make it an invaluable addition to your access control infrastructure.

  • Ample Storage Space: The Auxiliary Cabinet 1816-081 offers ample space to accommodate additional access control equipment, including controllers, power supplies, and other essential components. This expanded storage capacity allows you to scale and customize your access control system according to your needs.
  • Custom Compatibility: The cabinet is specifically designed to work seamlessly with Doorking's access control equipment, ensuring compatibility and efficient integration with your existing setup.
  • Customization Options: Depending on your specific access control requirements, the cabinet can be customized with additional features such as mounting options, cable management, and ventilation to tailor it to your unique needs.
  • Secure Enclosure: The auxiliary cabinet provides a secure enclosure for additional equipment, safeguarding it from tampering, unauthorized access, and environmental factors.
  • Enhanced Organization: The cabinet includes features for efficient cable management, ensuring that your access control setup remains organized and tidy.
  • Versatile Applications: Whether you're expanding your system with additional controllers, backup power supplies, or other components, the auxiliary cabinet offers the versatility to support various access control applications.

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