Doorking 4 Inches Tandem UHMW V-Wheel Assembly | DKS-1201-012

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Doorking 4 Inches Tandem UHMW V-Wheel Assembly | DKS-1201-012

DKS Doorking offers a variety of V-Wheels and V-Wheel assemblies used in slide gate applications that utilize an inverted "V" type track. The weight and usage of the gate is critical in determining the size and type of V-Wheel that is right for your gate. UHMW wheels are generally used for lighter gates while steel wheels are used for heavy gates. For very heavy gates, the tandem wheel assemblies are ideal and provide a long service life by spreading the weight of the gate across a larger area than a standard single wheel - much like the tandem wheels on airliners spread their weight across many wheels. When in doubt, it is always best to use a heavier-duty wheel.

  • Ideal for use with very heavy gates
  • Welded into place
  • Full line of wheels and wheel assemblies to meet your specific application and budgetary requirements
  • UHMW, steel wheels and wheel assemblies available
  • Steel roller bearings or sleeve bearing available
  • Tandem wheel assemblies provide superior performance for heavy gates by distributing the gate weight across 4 wheels
Technical Specification
  • Pivoting mounting bracket
  • 4” UHMW V-Wheel 
  • Sealed roller bearings
  • Maximum gate weight 1500 lb.
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