Doorbell Fon DP28-C Door Station Controller | DBF-DP28C

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Doorbell Fon DP28-C Door Station Controller | DBF-DP28C

The Door Station Controller or Main Controller is the DoorBell Fon interface – the “brain” of the DoorBell Fon system. This product allows users to answer a door or gate from any telephone in their home or business. It is installed using a single pair of wires for power, control, signaling, and voice; and all add-on components are installed with the same single pair. No programming! No codes! Just answer the telephone like a regular phone call.

  • Talk to visitors at your door with your phone
  • Door Stations can be placed at:
    • Front/Rear Entrances
    • Remote Entryways
    • Marine Docks
    • Delivery Docks
    • Secured Facilities
    • Senior Housing
    • Disabled Housing
    • Apartment Complex
  • Use DP29-SW to open the door with the phone
  • Use DP29-IM to convert the phone network into an intercom system
  • Use DP29-CI to use chimes, lights, or cameras
  • No Phone Service is required!
  • Built-in call-waiting
  • Installs using pre-existing wire pairs and phone lines
  • No external transformer required
  • One controller handles up to 2 doors — daisy chain multiple controllers for more doors!
  • Distinctive ring patterns for each door
Technical Specifications
  • Power Requirements:
    • 117VAC/60Hz
    • 0.1 Amp
    • 12 Watts
    • Fuse 1: 250 VA, 0.5 A
    • Fuse 2: 250 VA, 0.25 A
  • Output:
    • 17-28 VDC (Voice)
    • 750Vrms/25 +/- 2Hz (Ringing)
  • Operating Temperature: -20ºF to +120ºF
  • Dimensions: 5.8125” x 3.875” x 1.75”
  • Shipping Weight: 2.1 lbs
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