BlackVue Hardwiring Power Cable


Model: Compatible Model: DR900X PLUS/DR750X PLUS/DR590X
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BlackVue Hardwiring Power Cable

Hardwiring cable to connect your dashcam to your vehicle’s battery via the fuse panel.
X Series dashcams feature a built-in timer and voltage monitoring for Parking Mode.
With other models, for protection of your vehicle’s battery during Parking Mode, consider using a Power Magic kit or battery.

Technical Specifications
  • Type: CH-3P1, CH-2P
  • Model Compatibility: 
    • CH-3P1: Compatible with X Series models:
      DR900X Series (1CH, 2CH, 2CH IR)
      DR750X Series (1CH, 2CH, 2CH IR, 2CH TRUCK)
      DR590X Series (1CH, 2CH, 2CH IR)
    • CH-2P: Compatible with:
      DR900S Series (1CH, 2CH, 2CH IR)
      DR750S Series (1CH, 2CH, 2CH IR, 2CH TRUCK)
      DR590W Series (1CH, 2CH, 2CH IR)
      DR590 Series (1CH, 2CH, 2CH IR)
      DR650GW and DR650S Series (1CH, 2CH, 2CH IR, 2CH TRUCK)
      DR450-1CH, DR430-2CH, DR470-2CH, DR430-2CH IR, DR470-2CH IR, DR3500-FHD
  • DC plug:
    CH-3P1: Black : GND / Red : ACC / Yellow: BATT
    CH-2P: Black : GND / Red : ACC
  • Length:
    • CH-3P1: 4.5m / 14.7 ft.
    • CH-2P: 4.5m / 14.7 ft.
  • Weight: 
    • CH-3P1: 0.2 lb. / 91 g
    • CH-2P: 0.156 lb. / 71 g
  • 6 months manufacturer’s warranty

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