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BFT Phobos BT A40 Swing Gate Operator Only P935095 00003 For Swing Gates Up To 17 feet & 550 lbs.

The BFT Phobos opener is an irreversible electromechanical operator 24 V. This gate opener comes with a magnetic limit switch and pin. The magnetic limit switch system ensures maximum precision of movement and quick and easy adjustment. On the other hand, the magnetic pin is an exclusive feature of BFT operators enabling quicker installation steps, making them easier and always ensuring correct rear locking of the operator.

  • Operator type: 24 V
  • Power input: 40 W
  • Useful rod stroke: 15.74 inch
  • Maximum angle: 124 °
  • Cycle time: 20 s
  • Type of limit switch: Magnetic
  • Slowdown: Yes
  • Locking: Mechanical
  • Release: Personal Key
  • Impact reaction: D-Track
  • Frequency of use: Intensive
  • Protection rating: IPX4
  • Environmental conditions: from -4 °F to 131 °F
  • U-Link: No
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