BD Loops 14" Diameter 3/16" Blades


Model: Asphalt
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BD Loops 14” Diameter 3/16” Blades

  • High Quality Blades
  • Made for up to 25hp Saws
  • 3/4” to 1” Arbor
  • Pin Hole
  • Wet Cutting Recommended
  • Depth Gauge Cutting Guide
  • Up to 25 Horsepower

Asphalt Blades (SB-A)

Asphalt blades have a hard bond and are designed to be used only in abrasive materials like Asphalt. Using an Asphalt blade on a surface like concrete can cause the blade to crack and possibly damage the saw-cut machine.

Combo Blades (SB-B)

Combo blades have a medium bond and can be used in both asphalt and concrete. Combo blades will not cut as quickly as the specialized surface blades will, but if you find yourself cutting into both types of surfaces, often they are a worthwhile investment.

Concrete Blades (SB-C)

Concrete blades have a soft bond and are designed to be used in hard materials such as concrete, concrete with reinforced bars, blocks, brick, hard brick, pavers, clay pavers, and field stones. using a concrete blade in an abrasive like asphalt will cause the blade to wear quickly.

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