AES Wall Mount Cellular Intercom with Phone App | AES-PRIME7-IB-US


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AES Wall Mount Cellular Intercom with Phone App | AES-PRIME7-IB-US

All black wall mount cellular intercom. 

  • Wall mount antenna
  • Powersupply
  • FOTA – Upgrade firmware via SMS
  • Auto clock sync
  • Store up to 4 notification phone numbers to receive an SMS (customizable) when the relay is triggered etc
  • Ability to check Do-not-disturb times
  • Set automatic gate open & close times
  • Trigger, latch and unlatch SMS replies added. Ability to disable
  • Issue time-restricted codes
  • All-new improved hardware
  • 2x Relays. Ability to check Automatic Relay Times
  • A high gain antenna as standard! Ability to view APN on signal level reply
  • Bigger 2 amp power supply
  • Dynamic APN – Automatically detects APN
Manufacturer's Warranty Period
  • 2 years
Technical Specifications
  • Dial Out Numbers: 4
  • Relays:  2
  • Permanent Codes/cards: 250
  • Relay Type: N/C and N/O
  • Time-Restricted Codes/cards: 250
  • Relay Load: 2 amps, 24v ac max
  • Temporary Codes/cards: 50
  • Power Consumption: 300mA on dial out, 2amp peak demand
  • Automatic Trigger Events per Week: 50
  • Modem Models: 4G USA,
  • Caller ID Numbers: 250
  • Power Supply: 24v dc (24v dc 2A adaptor included)
  • Time-Restricted Caller ID Numbers: 250
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