AES Master Pedestal Mount Keypad & Card Reader | AES-KEY-MST-PBPK-US


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AES Master Pedestal Mount Keypad & Card Reader | AES-KEY-MST-PBPK-US

Master Pedestal Mount Keypad. Connect up to 6 auxiliary units. Relay 1 and 2 on the master unit; relays 3 to 8 on auxiliary units.

  • Can have a mix of keypads & card reader units in one setup.
  • DDA LEDS on each auxiliary unit indicates correct or incorrect code/card used.
  • Relay on every auxiliary unit that can be set via a dip switch.
  • Keypad tones/ confirmation sound can be adjusted on auxiliary units.
  • Units are wired via 5 cores of cat 5 cable
Manufacturer's Warranty Period
  • 2 years
Technical Specifications
  • Power: 24v d.c
  • Current: 300mA/2A Peak | 100mA Per Auxiliary Unit
  • Weather Rating: IP55
  • Relay Type: 2 x N/C & N/O Contacts
  • Total Permanent Keypad Codes: 250
  • Total Permanent Prox Cards: 250
  • Time-Restricted Codes/Cards: 250
  • Temporary Codes/Cards: 50
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