SecuraKey Hand-Held Programmer | SKY-RK-HHP


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SecuraKey Hand-Held Programmer | SKY-RK-HHP

The RK-HHP is a handheld programmer for use with Radio Key® standalone access control units: RK-65K, RK-65KS, RK600e, and RK-100M. The RK-HHP can be used in place of the RK-PD1 program card deck. Simply hold the RK-HHP in front of, and parallel to the access control unit and press the numeral and function keys for each programming step. Each key press should result in a beep from the access control unit.

The RK-HHP uses passive RFID technology. There are no batteries to change and it is not necessary to “aim” the programmer at a particular part of the access control unit

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