Genie GCL-MJ Medium Duty Jackshaft Door Operator with Brake - 1/2HP, 1 Phase

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Model: Sectional | Single Phase (115V) | OPGMXJ5011B
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Genie GCL-MJ Medium-Duty Jackshaft Door Operator with Brake - 1/2HP, 1 Phase

The GCL-MJ is designed for high or full-lift sectional and rolling doors that have limited-duty cycle requirements. Advanced features and robust mechanical design combine to provide a medium-duty operator that is the new standard in the industry.

  • Internal Radio
  • 3 Button Control Station
  • Standard Photo-eyes
  • Brake
  • Door Sprocket
  • Hoist chain
  • Door Chain

All in One Pre-Packaged System

UL 325 2010 APPROVED

Allows for monitored entrapment connections for protection and momentary operation when used with select photo eyes and/or edge-sensing devices.

GCL-MH Advantages
  • Maximum Door Weight:
    • Sectional: 620 lbs.
    • Rolling: 580 lbs.
  • Rated for 15 cycles per hour operation, maximizing the performance of a medium-duty operator.
  • Modular design with optional expansion boards for an advanced timer to close, and auxiliary output functionality.
  • Optional Intellicode® plug and play receiver learns up to 50 transmitters. Learn and delete individual transmitters directly from the LCD display.
  • TensiBelt® primary drive reduction eliminates the need to adjust belt tension.
  • Motor with built-in thermal protection and ball bearing drive end. Provides overload protection and bearings extend the life of the motor over typical bushings.
  • LCD display with intuitive setup menu. Provides real-time status and trouble-shooting assistance.
  • Open/close/stop and setup keys are included on the control board. Keeps all controls near the LCD display convenient for set up.
 Standard Features
  • An optical limit system with linear travel nuts.
  • Max run timer automatically adjusts to up and down run time.
  • TensiBelt® primary reduction.
  • Delay on reverse.
  • 16-character LCD display.
  • UL 325 2010 approved.
  • 3-button control station.
  • 2-year/20,000 cycle warranty.
  • Programmable mid-stop.
  • Pull-cord release for emergency manual operation.
  • Motor: 1/2 HP, AC capacitor start/run motor. Motor replaceable without changing limits.
  • Brake: AC solenoid-actuated band brake.
  • Drive: Primary - TensiBelt® auto tensioning poly-V J-belt. Secondary - Chain and sprocket reduction
  • Friction Clutch: Adjustable clutch to help protect against door and operator damage.
  • Precision Radial Ball Bearings: Included in critical areas throughout the powertrain.
  • Emergency Manual Operation: Pull-cord disconnect disengages the drive allowing the door to be moved manually while maintaining limits.
  • Pre-wired to accept: Monitored entrapment devices such as photo eyes. Single or 3-button control stations. External interlock switches.
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