BFT Giotto 30S Parking & Car Wash Access Barrier Gate | BFT-FASGIOTTO12

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Parking & Car Wash Barrier Gate System 120V With 2.5 Seconds Open/Close Speed 12' Boom Arm Included

Barrier with 24 V motor power supply for clear opening up to 9' and opening time 2.5 s.

  • Giotto 30S Barrier Gate Operator 120v #P940079 00006
  • Giotto Control Board, Receiver, Limit Switches
  • Omega Hardware Kit To Connect Boom to Barrier
  • Moovi 12' Rectangular Boom With Reflector Tape AQ3-12
  • 1 Mitto Remote Control
  • 1 Polarized Photocell

Note RE The Boom Arm: Optional Red Profile & Lights Not Included As Pictured Above. See Options...

  • Backup battery power supply system, installable on-board unit.
  • Limit switch system with electronic adjustment that speeds up installation and ensures maximum precision in movement.
  • Control unit located in an easily accessible position and separate from the mechanical part.
  • 2 seconds cycle times.
  • Top loaded control board for ease if programming and access instead of in the cabinet.
  • Long distance on reception for 433 Mgtz receiver / transmitter use.
  • Battery backup is optional and only needed if requested keeping cost down
  • Swing out arm option and break away cast aluminum standard in case of gate strike on boom reducing possibility of gear box damage.
  • Soft/Stop and Start.
  • Obstruction sensing.
  • Dual gate operation with the use of two serial board connectors.
  • Control unit MERAK BG
  • Power consumption 300 W
  • Motor power supply 24 V
  • Type of limit switch Electronic
  • Slowdown Yes
  • Locking Mechanical
  • Release Personal key
  • Impact reaction Encoder
  • Frequency of use very intensive
  • Protection rating IP54
  • Environmental conditions -20/(-40 with THERMO heater) ÷ 55 °F
  • U-Link Yes
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