SecuraKey Extended Range Proximity Reader with Wiegand Output | SKY-RKWL


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SecuraKey Extended Range Proximity Reader with Wiegand Output | SKY-RKWL

Radio Key® Proximity Card technology is ideally suited for access control, time and attendance, parking, and many other applications requiring secure and reliable read-only cards.

Radio Key® readers are available in three form factors: the RKWM, an S-shaped mini-mullion; the RKWS, a traditional single-gang box “wall switch” housing; and the RKWL, a large post/wall mount housing for long-range applications.

Radio Key® readers use 125 kHz proximity technology and work with Secura Key encoded cards and key tags. Radio Key® readers use patented Dynascan® automatic tuning to optimize the reader to its RF environment, which provides a dramatically better read range than competing products with the same antenna size. For example, the read range of Radio Key’s® mini-mullion compares with most wall switch readers, Radio Key’s® wall switch reader compares with most midrange readers, and the Radio Key® long range reader has up to 50% more read range than similar competing products. Cards are available with custom 4-color graphics, with a glossy white dye-sublimation-ready finish for Photo ID printing, or in a white molded clamshell form factor. Key tags are molded in rugged black ABS plastic.

  • 125 kHz Proximity Technology
  • Dynascan® Auto Tuning Provides Superior Read Range
  • SIA Standard Wiegand Output Works with Most Access Control Panels
  • Industry Standard Wire Colors and Functions for Easy Upgrade
  • External LED and Buzzer Controls
  • Low Voltage and Low Current Draw
  • Weatherproof Epoxy Potted Units for Outdoor Applications
  • UL294, FCC and CE Regulatory Approval
Technical Specification
  • Dimensions (H, W, D): 12” x 12” x 1.2” 30.48 x 30.48 x 3.05 cm
  • Mounting: US single/dual-gang box, wall, post, pedestal
  • Weight:  22 oz (0.62 kg)
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Black
  • Power Requirements: 40/90 mA avg/peak @ 5-14VDC 300/350mA avg/peak (regulated) @ 12-14VDC
  • Bi-Color LED: Red and Green – Ground to Activate
  • Buzzer Control: Ground to Activate
  • Hold Line: Ground to Activate
  • Communications: Wiegand
  • Cable Required Up to 500 ft 5 -10 conductor (depending on options used) 18-22 AWG Shielded
  • Environmental: Operating Temperature: -40° to +158° F(-40° to +70° C) Operating Humidity: 0-100% Non-Condensing
  • Operating Frequency: 125 kHz
  • Read Range: Molded Card up to 36” (91 cm) ISO Card/key tag up to 26” (66 cm)(Note: 2 or more RK-WL readers must be 8’ apart.)
  • Operating Mode: Read-only, card data
  • Compatible Cards: RKCM-02 (Molded clamshell), RKCI-02 (ISO); RKKT-02 (key tag)
  • Regulatory Approvals: UL/cUL294, Part 15 Class B FCC, CE Mark
  • Warranty (US & Canadian): These Secura Key products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for life. Secura Key will replace any Secura Key manufactured product that fails to perform as intended. This warranty does not include freight, taxes, duties, or installation expenses. See price list for complete terms and conditions.
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