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SecuraKey RK-600

SecuraKey Radio Key proximity access control unit is a compact, weather resistant, surface mounted, self-contained unit. Available options include an Auxiliary Reader and an Audit Trail Module for PC / printer interface. Radio Key Access Control Units and Auxiliary Readers can be mounted to a single-gang electrical box, masonry wall, post, or almost any flat surface. They can also be concealed behind glass, paneling, drywall or other nonmetallic surfaces for additional protection. The SecuraKey RK-600 and RK-600e pair with proximity card model RKCM-01 and/or key chain FOB model RKKT-01. Both sold separately.

The Access Control Unit, with built-in reader, can be used alone for most applications. The 16-position keypad is used to add or delete cards or tags from system memory, to set the operating mode, and to program the password and latch timer. The keypad can also be used for PIN code entry, for users who forget their tags, or for temporary assignment to service personnel or visitors.

For high-security applications, an Auxiliary Reader is installed outside the secure area and the Access Control Unit is installed inside. The optional Audit Trail Module allows transaction retrieval and communications with a printer or a PC, using SecuraKey software, which is Microsoft Windows 95/NT Compatible.

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