SecuraKey Nova 16 4-Door Kit | SKY-MRCP-4RKDT-S


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SecuraKey Nova 16 4-door kit, Panel, Software, Power Supply, 4RKDT (wall switch) dual-tech proximity readers SKY-MRCP-4RKDT-S

SecuraKey NOVA.16 multi-reader access control panel, based on a powerful 32-bit RISC processor, provides a major technology upgrade to SecuraKey's legacy SK-NETTM system.

The NOVA.16 introduces a new more efficient architecture for the SK-NET™ system. Each panel connects to the local area network using its built-in Ethernet connection, and it also connects to a high speed, RS485 peripheral network which supports up to 16 Smart Readers, each controlling a single door or gate. (NOVA.16's can also be interconnected using the RS-485 Command Bus).

The Peripheral Network can extend up to 4000 feet away from the controller. The NOVA.16's RS-485 communications lines are protected with gas discharge tube surge suppressors, which helps keep systems running in areas with extreme weather condition and power problems. By reducing the number of control panels required for multi-door systems, plus the associated cost of providing electrical outlets, space and power supplies for those panels, the NOVA.16 provides a huge savings in installation time and cost.

The NOVA.16 boasts a 3-Amp heavy-duty power supply with power line noise filtering and resettable thermal fuses. It continually monitors backup battery status. Communications speeds and transaction storage capacity have more than doubled over previous controller models.

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