D&D Technologies PINGuard by CodeLocks for CL500 | DND-PPGCL XT2

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D&D Technologies PINGuard by CodeLocks for CL500 | DND-PPGCL XT2

Flexible, high-grade polymer weather covers with additional code protection privacy. Suitable for the CL500 range.

PINGuard™ by Codelocks’ range of covers is now available in three sizes to suit a wide range of Codelocks mechanical and electronic locks. The covers provide additional PIN security whilst also protecting your Codelocks from adverse weather conditions.

The covers are flexible, high-grade polymers that fit behind the lock, improving the gasket seal and preventing water ingress making them an ideal external accessory to your Codelocks digital standalone lock.


Protect Your Lock

PINGuard™ by Codelocks significantly reduces the effects of water ingress. The added weather protection will extend the life of your lock. Protect the finish, the keypad, and the overall appearance of your Codelocks product. Small, medium, and large PINGuard™ by Codelocks are available, suitable for external applications; gates, sheds, outbuildings, work sites, etc.

Protect Your PIN

Keep prying eyes away from your entry code! Add to external and internal doors where the PIN needs protecting from view.

  • PIN and weather protection
  • Quick and easy fit
  • Protection from rain exposure
  • Lock life extension
  • New and existing lock installations
  • PIN and weather protection
  • Suitable for external applications
  • Finish; Dark Gray
  • Lock Dimensions: Depth: 2 1⁄4"
  • Lock Material: High-Grade Polymer
  • Orientation: Vertical
  • Suitable for: Internal, External
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