BFT Cell Switch 4G (Black Board) | BFT-SWITCH-4G


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BFT Cell Switch 4G (Black Board) / 100 Known Users | BFT-SWITCH-4G

Open your gate with a phone app. T-Mobile SIM Card included at no charge for easy activation.

  • Open gates or door from a phone using caller ID number recognition.
  • Stores up to 100 authorized numbers.
  • Easy to program by SMS text.
  • Free iPhone and android apps for easy control of gates.
  • 1 status input for checking gate updates.
  • Activity log to check which phone users called your gate and when with time and date log
  • 7 day time clock feature built in, for automatic opening and closing at pre-set times and days of the week (up to 40 events).
  • 3 year limited warranty.
Manufacturer's Warranty Period
  • 2 Years
Technical Specification


  • Voltage: 12v de- 24v ac.
  • Solar operable: Yes.
  • Current on standby: 55mA.
  • Operating Current: 300mA.
  • Peak Demand Current: 2 amps.

Cellular Module

  • Relays: 2 relays, max 2 amps, 24v ac/dc load.
  • Latching: Yes.
  • Caller ID users: 100.
  • Programming: SMS.
  • Network Compatibility AT&T, T-Mobile
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