BFT B EBA Wi-fi Gateway (For use with Ultra Boards) | BFT-P111494


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BFT B EBA Wi-fi Gateway for BFT Access Control Via APP AND GPS Activation (For use with Ultra Boards) | BFT-P111494

Expansion card for connecting a U-Link device to a domestic wifi network. Connected operators can be controlled, even remotely, using the U-Control application available for Android and iOS smartphones.

  • Plug and Play: Connect Directly To The U-Link Central Units
  • Remotely Control & Monitor Gate Status (Open, Closed, Moving)
  • GPS Function Allows For Automatic Gate Opening When Pre-Set Proximity Is Reached
  • Allow Up To 5 Other Users To Be Invited To Control The Gate With Rules Set By Administrator
  • U-link A single communication platform for all types of control units and receivers. The innovative interconnectivity systems developed by Bft along with wireless connection solutions in the field of access point automation become integrated through the new U-link system communication protocol. A technology designed and developed to operate using specific gateways for any type of physical media and communication protocol. To fully facilitate installers in creating the system and in maintenance, Bft can offer solutions based on Bluetooth transmission systems in local and TCP/IP environments for remote connection. U-Link ensures an absolutely stable standard, correct communication, as well as secure data protection thanks to two levels of encryption, offered by the data encryption system and password of the protocol and by the underlying communication system. - U-Link is a technological platform that forms the heart of Bft products - U-link uses an open approach: by changing the B-Eba, Bft proprietary gateway, it is possible to adapt to many different communication languages - U-link is flexible: it can work with or without a network connection, depending on the B-Eba gateway installed - U-Link enables remote maintenance of the products thanks to two-way communication - U-link is scalable: an infinite number of objects can be added to a U-link network - U-Link allows the creation of groups of products: various B-Ebas can be grouped to allow individual or group control of the associated products U-link is an innovation that turns products into Bft solutions.
Manufacturer's Warranty Period
  • 2 Years
Technical Specifications
  • Interconnectivity: Yes
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