SecuraKey ET-SR-X-R eTag Smart Reader | SKY-ET8-SR-X-M

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SecuraKey ET8-SR-X-M Smart Reader

SecuraKey smart readers are designed to work with custom software applications developed by original equipment manufacturers and systems integrators. Access control, fuel management, data retrieval and many other applications are possible. They are available in both Radio Key Proximity and eTag Contactless Smart Card Technologies. UL 294 listed and FCC/CE approved. The ET-SR-X-R directly replaces the older model ET8-SR-X-M.

Up to 100 units can be connected via RS-485 to a PC for a host-validated system. When a card is presented to the reader, that card's ID number is sent in ASCII format to the host. The readers have a solid state relay, plus logic outputs and inputs, allowing access control or process control without panels or additional hardware.

Radio Key technology allows card data of up to 40 bits, in random or sequential numbering formats, and the cards are read-only.

eTag technology also allows the host system to read and write to the card, and to store data from multiple applications in addition to access control. The card ID can be up to 64 bits, allowing for a virtually unlimited number of cards.

An evaluation kit, complete with demonstration software, is available to those who would like to explore the product's capabilities. For software developers who wish to write an application, an API license is also available.

  • Single-door controller
  • eTAg Contactless Technology
  • Mullion Mount
  • Color: Black
  • Epoxy-potted
  • 15693 Read / Write Protocols
  • Power Requirements: 30 mA average, 65mA max at 5-14 VDC
  • Red / Green LED lights
  • Multidrop, RS-485, host-driven communication protocols for up to 100 nodes (Reader S / N = Address)
  • Compatible with: e*Tag, TI HF-1, Philips I-Code-SLI, ST Micro LRI, Infineon My-D, and My-D Lite proximity cards
  • Reader Range: up to 4" for ISO cards and 2.5" for key tags
  • Operates on a 13.56 MHz frequency

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