Scylla Asteria Boxes (Event-Based)


Model: Scylla Asteria Box S (Event-Based)
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Scylla Asteria Boxes (Event-Based)

Plug the simple, compact, and affordable Scylla Asteria™ into your existing home or small business camera network to effectively filter out false alarms and focus on what matters.

Analytics is activated only on request (an event is created). An event takes
place when the motion camera triggers an alarm.

How it works 
  • Scylla Asteria™ features a compact, low power consumption edge device.
  • Scylla Asteria™’s advanced AI algorithms filter out up to 99% of non-actionable events such as movement of leaves, pets, shadows and lighting, and even camera flaws.
  • Actionable events that include people and vehicles will be shown for your review in your mobile and desktop applications.
  • Scylla Asteria™ enables powerful motion detection for VMS and cameras without this functionality.
Scylla Asteria™ is powerful but simple to use and suits you when
  • You have a home or small business camera network.
  • You want a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution that empowers you to run effective motion detection and false alarm filtering.
  • You want to focus on actionable events that improve your security rather than being distracted by continual feeds.
  • You want a small security edge device that fits on any shelf rather than the bulk and costs of extra hardware.
  • You want to have situational awareness, even when your network connectivity is intermittent.
  • Plug and Play Solution: Works with all modern cameras and video management systems.
  • Effective False Alarm Filtering: Filters out up to 99% of false alarms, showing you only validated and actionable events.
  • Powerful Motion Detection: Enables motion detection for cameras and VMS that lack this functionality.
  • Enterprise-grade AI: Simple and powerful solution that leverages Scylla’s enterprise-grade AI algorithms.
  • Cost-effective: Compact edge appliance that will fit on a shelf and has low power consumption without extra hardware needed.
  • Privacy: All the video frames are analyzed at your premises keeping your information private and secure.
Camera/Licenses Supported
  • Scylla Asteria Box S (Event-Based): 15
  • Scylla Asteria Box M (Event-Based): 40
  • Scylla Asteria Box L (Event-Based): 54
Compatible Cameras
  • CCTV cameras - Scylla AI can be seamlessly integrated with most existing VMS and cameras and effectively filter out up to 99.95% of false alarms.
  • UAV cameras - We can detect small firearms at distances of up to 50m with 4K drone cameras and up to 100m with 8K cameras.
  • Thermal cameras - Scylla provides unprecedented accuracy of ± 0.2 °C for skin temperature measurement and 99.9% for face mask usage detection.
  • Bodycams - We can track and detect objects from moving backgrounds and in harsh conditions with analysis and response time taking less than one second.
  • Cameras are not included in the package.
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